I first fell in love with photography in high school, mostly attributed to the beautiful light and sunsets on the land where I grew up.  I loved our little family 35mm film camera and loved being able to freeze the landscape and capture such a happy place.
Fast forward through my creative journey of being an art teacher, a dancer, musical theater performer, and design enthusiast, I found the most recurring and fulfilling value was my love for people. People, their lives, and their stories are living art.  I love to encourage others and feel God's pleasure when I am taking pictures. Over the last ten years, photography has become such a window to see beauty in others and their relationships. I have so much joy capturing moments, making people feel comfortable,  and being a part of the beginning of a new chapter for my couples.  I'm so honored to document what will be talked about and shared for generations to come.

Amy Owen


a few of my favorite things


These are a few of my favorite things: 
 Bike Rides, Tap Dancing, Bethel Music, National Parks, Small Towns, Broadway Musicals, Blackish, and Parks & Rec
My favorite family gatherings are Thanksgiving and The Fourth of July
I love 90's R&B, Bruno Mars, Pride and Prejudice (old & new), Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Gene Kelly (Hello, best dancer ever!)
I'm completely smitten with The Crown (Netflix)
I love Chip & Jo, Magnolia Journal, and Martha Stewart Weddings


favorite things

a few of my


These are my people.  My husband Paul & I have known each other since middle school.  We love dating, listening to classy music, directing shows together, dancing in the kitchen, and exploring new places! We love our tribe, the Fab Five; they are so much fun...it's ridiculous! We love being their parents and experiencing the playful sarcasm and music that fills our home. It is very common in our house to burst into song and to hear harmony coming from the next room! We are big on adventure and love riding bikes or kayaking the canal in Augusta. We are Jesus lovers and love leading worship in our local church. 

& The Fab Five

Paul & Amy

High School Sweethearts


So Paul had a crush on me in middle school. In 8th grade band class, he would wait every day for me to put my instrument away (appearing to be putting his away) just to say "hi." (Yes, we were band geeks.) For whatever reason, I never picked up on the fact that he was always there. Later, at a school dance, he asked me to dance...I said "no" and broke his heart.
Fast forward to high school and our mutual love of performing led us to theater! We were in our first production together, and we started dating! I cannot tell you how many times I've told people this, but the first time I went on a date with Paul, it just felt like home. He was so kind. I just knew he was perfect for me because I could completely be myself. We were both goofballs, loved the same music, and laughed at the same cheesy jokes! We dated a blissful four years (through college), got married (best day ever!), and started our family. All of our kids are close together in age, and we ABSOLUTELY love them!! With twins as our caboose, all five of them have such amazing personalities and make our family life a lot of fun! Paul and I are firm believers of dating and weekends together away from it all. We also love dating our kids---individually taking them out or doing something fun together one at a time. We are all about some dating...ha ha!! Intentional time is everything and makes relationships grow to their fullest potential! 

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