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November 8, 2018

Augusta Wedding Photographer: Old Medical College: Brianna & Nolan Engagement

Some of my favorite holidays are just around the corner and I can’t wait for some serious quality time with those I love! November is one of my favorite times of the year, tis’ no secret if you know me!  Probably because it’s when my best friend was born (my hubs), the first baby due date I ever had was in November, and also that Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday..sorry Christmas!! But Christmas does come in at a close second! But truly, it’s when my husband and I first said “I love you” and it’s been the sweetest month in my book ever since! We celebrate hard in the Owen house and I can’t wait!

I’m adding this engagement session to my list of reasons why November is so great!! We had this amazing engagement session last fall and the leaves were really showing out for Brianna & Nolan…they don’t need much fluff because they are already so in love and just completely amazing to photograph!! We loved the colors and I’m so smitten with so many, each image taking me back and reliving that crispy cold air! I loved getting to photograph at the gate at Old Medical College and also these two in front of that green wall makes me swoon!! Give me all the greens always!! I’m so happy to share these with you all and simply can’t wait to photograph their wedding this season!!


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