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February 14, 2018

Augusta Senior Portrait Photographer: You are Loved

You are loved.  Today and every day!

When Annabel first approached me about doing a photography project on value and self love, I was so excited!! Being a photographer, it’s my job to not only make people look good, but to feel good and encouraged after they have left me.  This is a calling and I work at this with all my heart.  Obviously, I was thrilled to collaborate with her on ideas, capturing the girls, not over done, but in genuine way. Annabel really wanted to create a photo shoot that would bring home the message that we are beautiful and valued just the way we are.  She invited a huge group of friends to come together and had worked behind the scenes asking special family members or friends to write letters to each girl, expressing why they loved them.  What’s amazing is how much those letters enhanced their portrait time in front of the camera! We captured so much joy, tears, and hugs as the girls were so grateful for Annabel arranging such a special event.  I LOVED doing this and I can’t say enough how special this shoot was.  I am sharing a few favorites today and hope you guys will know that you are loved, you have a purpose only you can fill, and you are beautiful just the way you are!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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