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February 16, 2018

Augusta Wedding Photographer: Behind The Scenes 2017

I love what I do!  If you follow me on Instagram, you know this is one of my favorite hashtags! There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for this creative job and I love it more and more as I go along! I’m excited to share some of the behind the scenes photos from this past year.  I have some really special people that have shot with me this year and I just want to say that having them has been a real treat! To Caroline, Ivey, Jennifer, & Stephanie…you all are rare gems and I appreciate you so much!! I believe in teamwork and I also love second shooting for my photographer friends! This is a post to show some of the personality and the funny moments to remember such an awesome year!!

Things I have learned through these photos:

I LOVE navy blue! It’s my favorite neutral.  It flatters every skin tone on so many levels and I wear this color more to weddings than any other! I also love dresses so that’s my preferred uniform, ha ha!

I definitely stand on my tip toes a good bit.  Looking through these photos, I realize I am shorter than all of my brides…so I always bring a step stool! I just didn’t realize I was THAT short until looking through these BTS photos.

I am a very expressive person, which means my face may be doing things even I don’t realize…some of these photos are just too funny…like what am I even doing??

Catching the veil in the wind..it was super strong that day..

Getting those detail shots…thanks Caroline for these!

Lake Oconee looking beautiful for these two..

I shot three weddings in a row at Enterprise Mill, beautiful couples and beautiful weddings!

Tying bows, testing out the exit light, and a few quiet ones to balance..

Photographing the tiny buttons through the veil as they were helping her get dressed
I bring my own backdrops for details, but occasionally, I use a scrapbook square…its’ a lightweight substitute if you don’t need a full board. The best light was on the floor…so here I am!

Caroline & her beautiful smile! She is always ready to pose for a light check.

One of my favorites this year at the Partridge Inn…everything was so beautiful and neutral! Lissette was a such a dreamy bride to work with!  I loved this day!

We got a little happy in some of these, in case you didn’t notice

My eyebrows don’t lie…I found that perfect piece of greenery…

I almost didn’t post this..but it was soooo funny! I’m clearly laughing about something and the groomsmen behind me clearly knew something I didn’t …to funny not to share

This lady…Jennifer Morton…she is amazing and I like to call her my Audrey Hepburn…isn’t she lovely??

Jennifer helped me with two weddings this year and this photo is perfect! She’s talking the flower girl and the ring bearer into some photos together….ha ha!

Not a clue what I’m pointing at…

Detail shots on a sofa cushion…hey! It’s navy!!!!  Taking a little breather before going down the aisle.

Stephanie is a gem…she happily posed for me to get my light check..loved this setup with all the natural light streaming in!

Mariah of Blush and Crew setting up the tables…she’s so hard working and so sweet!!

Caroline had to keep so many golfers from coming through on this bridge, she worked hard keeping the traffic away so we could have the perfect first look for our sweet couple!

The sweetest day by the lake…

Laughing because I tried so hard to get close to the deer on property and I failed…they were too smart!

Caroline hanging dresses with her perfect hair!

Yep! I sing into my flash sometimes…it’s perfectly acceptable at the end of the night!!

Our vendor team clearly had a fun night here!

I love columns & lines….especially with ivy growing on them! Bring me all the whites and greens!!

This season, I got to photograph my cousin’s wedding…aren’t they so sweet?? 

Me pretending to be a horse whisperer…. I don’t know what I said..but it was probably something corny…
When your friends get creative with their BTS shots…

Nice leading lines there Ivey! This was a hot day in July, but we made it! We had a great time!

Just trying to make sure she was up there…ha ha!

These two brides were so sweet! Anna Lee asked for a photo with me on her photo list….( all the hearts) One more dress fluff photo…this time with the father of the groom (best man) helping me…I loved this group!!

All smiles for an amazing year and for Caroline, Ivey, Jennifer, and Stephanie for all of these shots!


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